NEW LBL N Series

20.47In x2.36In x 3In
Powerful, reliable and discreet, it is the smaller among the others.

Notable Features

Automation for one or two swing leaves, for max. Passage opening of 1500 mm
  • Maximum weight per leaf 120 kg.
  • Spring closure.
  • Brushless motor with built-in encoder (this is very important; it is a brand-new idea in the automation field)
  • Pull or push arm
  • Power supply: 115 – 230 Vac 50/60 Hz
  • Easy, quick set-up of the functions and parameters with the digital selector ET/DSEL.
  • Alternatively, setup start, and function programming can be carried out by means of the T-NFC digital keyboard using the new Label Tools APP for Android smartphones.
  • Management of a technical password for the installer, to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing and editing the operating parameters of the automation.
  • Inputs for opening and closing safety sensors.
  • Input for radar or internal opening button.
  • Input for radar or external closing button.
  • Safety sensor monitoring before any door movement (cat. 2, pl. c)
  • Adjustable motion speed and acceleration ramp.
  • Adjustable thrust force in opening and closing
  • Breakout function with monitored emergency battery.
  • Management of two types of 24V electric locks (electric strike/electromagnet).
  • Adjustment of dwell time with open door.
  • Function for persons with disability.
  • Interlock function between two automatic doors.
  • Step-by-step function.
  • Push & go to open the door with a slight push on the leaf.
  • Wind stop to oppose the force of the wind.
  • It is possible to fit the UR2 relay module for optional functions (door status, signaling light management).
  • OPEN input (emergency opening) with N.O. / N.C. settable contact.
  • Mechanical program selector with key or digital program selector with display (ET-DSEL or T-NFC).
  • MASTER/SLAVE double leaf door management.
  • NEXT-RX radio receiver (option) for remote door opening by means of SPYCO transmitter.
  • Privacy function for toilets and private rooms.