The Power Becomes Tiny Brushless Technology Within Everyone’s Reach

The new LABEL NEXT door opener series is the smaller and powerful opener on the market.

Just 2 inches in height and 20 inches in length could easily fit in any circumstances.

It is discreet, silent, and overall reliable: Tested for 2 million cycles in continuous mode.

It comes with two different types of arms sliding and articulated.

The compact NEXT is designed for internal applications.

The advanced green brushless motor dramatically increases its durability, further improving reliability and reducing energy consumption.

It also functions on a “virtual spring”, meaning the door is operated by the motor when both opening and closing. The unit comes complete with an integrated battery pack so that the door will continue to close in case of power failure.

Door opening can be controlled by a range of triggers, whether it be activation sensors, push pads, key fobs or complete access control systems. The door can also be used manually with re-closing thanks to its virtual spring function.

At the heart of our system, the new brushless motor is able to minimize consumption both during operation and in stand-by mode

The price is competitive and available in three different specs:

  • 120S closing with strong 
  • 150 for heavy doors 
  • 75 for lighter panels

Safety: in case of power failure the batteries are on board and active for more than 30 cycles.